RH2S is proud to announce that we have been appointed by Ziptrak Pty Ltd (Australia) as an authorised dealer for their patented Ziptrak outdoor blinds system! Wholly designed and manufactured in Australia, Ziptrak – Australia’s leading brand of choice for consumers – is an advanced outdoor blind system that utilises track-guided technology to seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor areas. In contrast to conventional blind systems that have gaps on both sides, unsightly cords and rattle in the wind, Ziptrak’s track-guided blinds are connected at the sides to ensure a completely sealed surface whilst offering superior UV, sun, wind, rain and insect protection! Available with either a patented spring-balanced or motorised guided system for smooth operation, our blinds are tougher, more durable, lightweight, easy to use and simply beautiful to look at! Whether installed in your home, on the balcony, porch or outdoor sitting areas, Ziptrak allows you to create a controlled environment wherever they’re installed so you can enjoy the natural surroundings of your home in comfort. Don’t trust other brands, choose Ziptrak, the original patented track-guided blind system that has been tested to the highest standards and trusted by Australians for over 30 years.

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Tough and durable

Ziptrak blinds are designed and built to withstand strong winds and will not rattle, ensuring you peace and quiet in bad weather. As one of the toughest systems in the market, our systems will last for many years without issue or the need to replace parts when properly taken care of.

Lightweight and easy to use

Regardless of size, the spring-balanced system makes the Ziptrak blinds light, simply push up or pull down on the bar to leave the blinds in any position along the track. No need to tug on tangled cords or deal with crumpled blinds and rusty wire cables any longer. Motorised option also available.

Reduce your utility bills and protect from the elements

Shade your home or outdoor space in the hot weather and prevent up to 90% of heat and 99% of UV rays from entering while you enjoy natural ventilation at all times, reducing the need to run the air-conditioning for long periods to cool down and keep the space cool. Keep out pesky insects and dust too.

Custom design and installation

Designed to fit into spaces up to 6m wide and 3.5m tall, meaning you can have a single blind with no gaps instead of multiple blinds with numerous gaps in between. Tracks and frames can also be built into recesses for a subtle and seamless appearance.

Product image of the application into practice